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The International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC2017) will be jointly hosted by the UK Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham, and the Scottish Information Commissioner, Rosemary Agnew.

  • 19 (evening social gathering), 20 and 21 September 2017
  • Manchester UK
  • Trust, Transparency and Progressive Information Rights

The event is free to Commissioners, Ombudsmen or equivalent, and one guest. So, for example if you intend bringing more than one colleague with you, one place is free and there is likely to be a small charge for additional places.

The same as previous conferences, you are responsible for booking and paying for your own hotel and travel. Over the next few weeks more information about the venue and any special arrangements with local hotels will be made available.

In order to facilitate the planning of the event, the hosts ask you to complete the attached form and email it to the address on the form as soon as possible. This is not considered a firm commitment yet, but it would be appreciated knowing whether you are interested in attending.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact the conference organizers directly.