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As vehicles become increasingly connected to the Internet and to other vehicles, more and more personal data will be collected and processed by the vehicles. Relevant types of data collected by the vehicle’s sensors may concern driver behaviour or information about other people inside or outside the vehicle. This data may be processed by the vehicle’s IT systems, or when other personal devices connect to it. The advent of autonomous vehicles will raise additional privacy issues, as their functioning will require the collection and use of significant amounts of data.

The ‘Berlin Group’ Working Paper on Connected Vehicles analyses the different types of data that can be collected, generated, transmitted, processed or retained by connected vehicles and identifies the privacy risks involved in these processes. The paper provides recommendations for manufacturers, third party service providers, standardization bodies, public authorities and rule makers as well as for drivers of connected vehicles on how to effectively avert these risks. This initiative also follows up on the ICDPPC Resolution on Data Protection in Automated and Connected Vehicles adopted last year.

The Working Paper is available for download