The Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) introduced Joint Statements in 2020 as a means to transform the Assembly from a once-per-year event towards co-operatively working together in a proactive way throughout the year to:

  • Generate an active voice which promotes a global regulatory environment based on commonly held principles of data protection, and thus provide consistent, predictable and articulated reminders of the privacy issues that must be considered by those subject to regulation;
  • Use the GPA’s active voice, where new products or services have the potential to impact data subjects on a global scale, to encourage those designing such new products and services to be proactive in demonstrating how they have accounted for privacy risks.

For further information, see the dedicated GPA Resolution explaining the full rationale behind introducing these Joint Statements.

Joint statements

Statement by the GPA Executive Committee on the use of health data for domestic or international travel purposes

Statement by the GPA Executive Committee on achieving privacy by design in contact tracing measures

Statement by the GPA Executive Committee on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic