Since 2002, the first formal item of business in each closed session of the Global Privacy Assembly’s annual conferences has been accreditation of new members.

Relevant resolutions and recommendations (and archived material from earlier years) follow:

43rd Global Privacy Assembly – Mexico City, Mexico, 2021
Accreditation Resolution


42nd Global Privacy Assembly 2020 – At your desk
Accreditation Resolution


41st International Conference – Tirana, Albania, 2019
Accreditation Resolution


40th International Conference – Brussels, 2018
Accreditation Resolution      [FR]


39th International Conference – Hong Kong, 2017
Accreditation resolution
Membership applications (Assessment checklists – Belgium, Japan, Montenegro, South Africa and Turkey)
Observer applications


38th International Conference – Marrakesh, Morocco, 2016
Accreditation Resolution      [ES]      [FR]
Membership applications
Observer applications


37th International Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015
Accreditation Resolution
Membership applications
Observer applications


36th International Conference – Fort Balaclava, Mauritius, 2014
Accreditation Resolution


35th International Conference – Warsaw, Poland 2013
Accreditation Resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]


34th International Conference – Punta del Este / Canelones, Uruguay, 2012
Accreditation Resolution


33rd International Conference – Mexico City, Mexico 2011
Accreditation Resolution


32nd International Conference – Jerusalem, Israel 2010
Accreditation Resolution


31st International Conference – Madrid, Spain 2009
Accreditation Resolution


30th International Conference – Strasbourg, France 2008
Accreditation resolution
Credentials Committee Report


29th International Conference – Montreal, Canada 2007
Accreditation Resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [DE]
Credentials Committee Report


28th International Conference – London, United Kingdom 2006
Accreditation Resolution


27th International Conference – Montreux, Switzerland 2005
Accreditation Resolution      [FR]      [DE]
Credentials Committee Report


26th International Conference – Wroclaw, Poland 2004
Accreditation Resolution
Report of the Credentials Committee [EN]
Report of the Credentials Committee [FR]
Report of the Credentials Committee [DE]


25th International Conference – Sydney, Australia 2003
Accreditation Resolution


24th International Conference – Cardiff, UK 2002
Accreditation Resolution      [FR]
Criteria and Rules for Credentials Committee and the Accreditation Principles
Proposed resolution – review of accreditation
Report of the Credentials Committee


Credentials Committee Documentation 1999 – 2006

A compilation of materials related to the Credentials Committee of the International Conference of Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners (not all content is published here  – see Table of Contents for full list of documentation)
1999 – 2006 Credentials Committee Documentation: Table of Contents
1999 – 2001 Credentials Committee Working Group Documentation
1999 – 2006 Credentials Committee Documentation
1999 – 2006 Preface
1999 – 2006 Credentials Committee Personnel
2002 Credentials Committee Checklist
2002 Credentials Committee – Interpretative
2002 – 2006 Credentials Committee – Administration Documentation
2004 Credentials Committee – Specimen Communications


Archived Applications for Accreditation: International and Subnational Authorities

Copies of accreditational applications and credentials subgroup checklists for sub national authorities (2002-2005)

2002 Applications for Accreditation
Argentina; Australia Federal; Australia New South Wales; Australia Northern Territory; Australia Victoria; Austria; Belgium; Canada British Columbia; Canada Manitoba; Canada Ontario; Canada OPC; Canada Quebec; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France CNIL; Germany Aschleswig-Holstein; Germany Bavaria; Germany Berlin; Germany BonnGermany BrandenburgGermany HamburgGermany HesseGermany MecklenburgGermany Rhineland PaltinateGermany Saxony-Anhalt; Germany ThuringerGreeceGuernseyHong KongHungaryIcelandIrelandIsle of ManItalyJerseyLatviaLithuaniaNetherlandsNew ZealandNorwayPolandPortugalSlovak RepublicSloveniaSpain Basque CountrySpain MadridSpainSwedenSwitzerland Stadt ZurichSwitzerland Zug CantonSwitzerland Zurich CantonSwitzerlandUnited Kingdom

2003 Applications for Accreditation
Canada Alberta; Council of Europe; European Union Customs Information System JSA; European Union Europol; European Union Interpol; European Union JSA Schengen Information System; Malta

2004 Applications for Accreditation
European Union Data Protection Supervisor (; Korea; Spain Catalonia

2005 Applications for Accreditation
Canada Saskatchewan; Luxembourg; Romania; Spain Canton of Basel-Landschaft