The Global Privacy Assembly’s vision is an environment in which privacy and data protection authorities around the world are able effectively to act to fulfil their mandates, both individually and in concert, through diffusion of knowledge and supportive connections.

In 2019, the Assembly adopted its strategic plan for 2019 – 2021.


The Mission

The Assembly seeks:

• To be an outstanding global forum for privacy and data protection authorities.
• To disseminate knowledge, and provide practical assistance, to help authorities more effectively to perform their mandates.
• To provide leadership at international level in data protection and privacy.
• To connect and support efforts at domestic and regional level, and in other international forums, to enable authorities better to protect and promote privacy and data protection.


Strategic Priorities 2019 – 2021

1. Advancing Global Privacy in a Digital Age

• Work towards a global regulatory environment with clear and consistently high standards of data protection.

2. Maximising the Assembly’s voice and influence

• Enhance Assembly’s role and voice in wider digital policy.
• Strengthen relationships with other international bodies and networks advancing data protection and privacy issues, including through observer arrangements.

3. Capacity Building for the Assembly and its Members

• Support Members’ shared learning from experiences, strategies and best practice from around the world, including cooperation tools.

View the Assembly Strategic Plan 2019 – 2021.