The Global Privacy Assembly’s vision is an environment in which privacy and data protection authorities around the world are able effectively to act to fulfil their mandates, both individually and in concert, through diffusion of knowledge and supportive connections.

In 2023, the Assembly adopted its strategic plan for 2023 – 2025.

The Vision:

Consolidate the Global Privacy Assembly’s leadership on personal data protection and privacy, maximizing its voice and influence across geographic and linguistic networks and strengthening the enforcement capacities of authorities to move towards a higher level of global data protection and privacy that ensures effective protection of data subjects..

GPA Strategic Plan 2023 – 2025

Three Strategic Objectives 2023 – 2025

1. High level of data protection in global frameworks

Promote influence and support the development of international frameworks and standards on data protection and privacy and their equitable application to ensure the protection of data subjects, especially those in vulnerable situations, such as children, women, migrants, and indigenous communities, among others.

2. Strategic Alliances and Impact

Consolidate the articulation and creation of strategic alliances between authorities and other networks and organizations to strengthen the impact and influence of the GPA in the field of Personal Data Protection and Privacy.

3. Capacity building for DPAs

Promote actions for the exchange of experiences and good practices among data protection and privacy authorities that give rise to instruments and mechanisms that facilitate the enforcement of personal data protection and privacy policies.