One of the Global Privacy Assembly’s main objectives is that members are able to cooperate more easily, including through enforcement cooperation activity. Continuous efforts have been made by the conference to improve such cooperation in many ways for more than a decade.

The repository is a place to share links to non-confidential, publicly available information, including, but not limited to, press-releases, publicised research, policy documents, court judgments, guidelines, relevant technology developments, decisions, enforcement tools and applicable laws.

Enforcement Cooperation Resources

Find international enforcement cooperation resources from the Global Privacy Assembly and other relevant networks. Resources are listed according to network name and resource type.

Document Library

Find information provided by Global Privacy Assembly members or by networks of data protection/privacy authorities, including highlights of their activities in their jurisdiction(s) where they believe that this would be useful for members in other countries who are looking to set up similar activities.

Search for the keyword of your choice, which could be the name of an authority you are interested in or a topic of interest.

This is a living repository, established in 2019. It is intended to feature resources from authority members of the conference who volunteer to participate. Therefore, not all members will be listed here (yet). More resources and authorities will be added on a continuous basis.