Enforcement cooperation repository / Enforcement cooperation resources

Find international enforcement cooperation resources from the Global Privacy Assembly and other relevant networks. Resources are listed according to network name and resource type.

Network or AuthorityResourceType of ResourceDescription of Resource
AFAPDPMember List, and French data protection laws listsAuthority Lists and Registries
APECCross-border Privacy Enforcement ArrangementSharing Confidential InformationRegional arrangement that allows for the request for cooperation assistance by Asia-Pacific participants.
APPAMember ListAuthority Lists and Registries
APPASecondment FrameworkEnforcement Cooperation Training and Capacity DevelopmentProvides guidance and templates to authorities wishing to implement a secondment from one data protection authority to another.
CEEDPAMember List, website links and online contact toolAuthority Lists and Registries
CEEDPAForumInformation Sharing Tools and Initiatives
CoE - T-PDEuropean Case Handling WorkshopEnforcement Cooperation Training and Capacity DevelopmentCovers a broad spectrum of topics that might be relevant for DPA's current or future work, with the purpose being to exchange experiences and networking.
Council of EuropeConvention 108Sharing Confidential InformationTreaty that provides that Member States will take the necessary steps to apply data protection principles set out in the Convention and enforcement cooperation for confidential information sharing between parties.
CTNMember ListAuthority Lists and Registries
CTNObservers ListAuthority Lists and Registries
GPENMember ListAuthority Lists and RegistriesEnforcement contact information of participants of GPEN, APEC and OECD.
GPENPrivacy Authorities PagesAuthority Lists and RegistriesGeneral contact information, jurisdiction and legislation of each authority. Secure space.
GPENEnforcement Contacts List (GPEN/APEC/OECD)Authority Lists and RegistriesGeneral contact information of enforcement participants of GPEN.
GPENGPEN Alert ToolSharing Confidential InformationSecure online platform for sharing confidential information relating to investigations. Secure space.
GPENGlobal Privacy Sweep - Sweep kits and related documentsEnforcement Cooperation Compliance InitiativesEach year, during a specified week, privacy authorities around the world conduct a review of organizations' privacy practices relating to a particular topic. Sweep Kits contain useful principles and approaches for non-formal enforcement activities. Secure space.
GPENDiscussion ForumInformation Sharing Tools and InitiativesAllows members to engage in online discussions on a secure platform regarding non-confidential privacy enforcement matters. Secure space.
GPENDocument LibraryInformation Sharing Tools and InitiativesAllows authorities to share, on a secure platform, non-confidential documents related to enforcement cooperation, including published findings, positions, practices. Secure space.
GPENNetwork of NetworksInformation Sharing Tools and InitiativesAn initiative that creates linkages between networks for sharing of information, and seeks to find collaboration opportunities between Networks. Secure space.
GPENPacific and Atlantic teleconferencesEnforcement Cooperation Meetings and TeleconferencesAllows member participants to discuss various subjects related to privacy enforcement cooperation (approx. monthly). Secure space.
GPENEnforcement Practitioners WorkshopEnforcement Cooperation Training and Capacity Development Provides an annual opportunity for operational level staff from within and outside privacy to share and learn practical investigative skills and strategies. Secure space.
GPENOpportunities BoardEnforcement Cooperation Training and Capacity DevelopmentAllows authorities to publicize training, secondment or job opportunities to GPEN member staff. Secure space.
GPAMember ListAuthority Lists and Registries
GPAGlobal Cross Border Enforcement Cooperation ArrangementSharing Confidential InformationAllows for bilateral and multilateral cooperation on enforcement matters between participants, and includes the ability to elect not to share personal data
GPAEnforcement Cooperation HandbookEnforcement Cooperation GuideGuide that provides a continuum of enforcement cooperation models with suggested strategies and tactics (includes template arrangements and tools).
GPAGPA-recognized enforcement cooperation eventsEnforcement Cooperation Meetings and TeleconferencesA program initiated by the ICDPPC whereby it will endorse enforcement cooperation events organized by individual member authorities and/or other networks.
GPACalendar of relevant privacy and data-protection related eventsEnforcement Cooperation Meetings and Teleconferences
GPAPractical and legal tools Document ArchiveInformation Sharing Tools and InitiativesThe GPA Document Archive hosts the practical and legal tools that the Assembly has developed for its own members in the past. Developments still having a significant impact today run back as far as 2007 at the 29th conference in Montreal, Canada.
GPAReport on the Working Group’s activities in 2017-2018Working Group MaterialsThe report covers the Working Group’s work across two principal workstreams. Workstream 1: Practical solutions for better cooperation; Workstream 2: Legal solutions for better cooperation.
GPAResolution on exploring future options for International Enforcement Cooperation (2017)Resolutions
GPAPresentation by Enforcement Cooperation: Group of Experts on legal and practical solutions for cooperationWorking Group MaterialsPresentation by the UK and Dutch Authorities on the conclusions of the work of the Group of Experts on legal and practical solutions for cooperation.
GPAUnabridged Report from the GPA Group of Experts on Legal and Practical Solutions for CooperationWorking Group MaterialsAt the 39th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Hong Kong, the 2017 Resolution on exploring future options for International Enforcement Cooperation was adopted.
GPAAbridged Report from the GPA Group of Experts on Legal and Practical Solutions for CooperationEnforcement Cooperation Working Group MaterialsAt the 39th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners in Hong Kong, the 2017 Resolution on exploring future options for International Enforcement Cooperation was adopted.
GPAResolution on International Enforcement Cooperation (2016)Resolutions
GPAResolution on Enforcement Cooperation (2014)Resolutions
GPAWorking Group on International Enforcement Cooperation – Activity Report 2013-2014Working Group Materials
GPAInternational Enforcement Coordination Working Group - Activity Report 2012-2013Working Group Materials
GPAICDPPC Enforcement Coordination Resolution (2013)Resolutions
GPAResolution on Privacy Enforcement Coordination at the International Level (2011)Resolutions
GPAResolution on the strengthening of the International Cooperation in the field of data and privacy protection (2009)Resolutions
GPAResolution on International Co-operation (2007)Resolutions
RIPDMember ListAuthority Lists and Registries
UCENetDeveloping Inventory of ExpertsAuthority Lists and RegistriesContact information of experts from each authority, used for specific forms of engagement.
UCENetMemorandum of UnderstandingSharing Confidential InformationProvides for sharing information between participants.
UCENetTraining programmeEnforcement Cooperation Training and Capacity DevelopmentCurrently a work in progress: sessions will be recorded where possible and included in a restricted area on the UCENet website.