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Meeting # Date Executive Committee meeting summary of minutes
8th Executive Committee, 2018 / 2019 (Chair: UK, Members: CA, BF, AUS, PH, EDPS, BG, AL, Observer – MEX (42nd Conference host))
47th 23 October 2018
48th 15 November 2018
49th 18 December 2018
50th 20 March 2019
51st 2 May 2019  [EN] PDF
52nd 19 June 2019  [EN] PDF
53rd 25 July 2019  [EN] PDF
54th 19 September 2019  [EN] PDF
55th 20 October 2019  [EN] PDF
56th 22 October 2019  [EN] PDF
57th 10 December 2019  [EN] PDF
58th 8 April 2020  [EN] PDF
Executive Committee Annual Report – [EN] (pdf)


Meeting # Date Agenda Minutes Meeting Papers
7th Executive Committee, 2017 / 2018 (Chair: FR, Members: CA, BF, UK, HK, EDPS/BG, Observer – AL (41st Conference host))
40th 26 October 2017 [EN] PDF available upon request
41th 9 January 2018 [EN] PDF available upon request
42th 26 March 2018 [EN] PDF available upon request
43th 20 June 2018 [EN] PDF available upon request
44th 17 July 2018 [EN] PDF available upon request
45th 12 September 2018 [EN] PDF available upon request
46th 21 October 2018 [EN] PDF available upon request
6th Executive Committee, 2016 / 2017 (Chair: NZ, Members: FR, CA, MA, HK)
33rd 18 October 2016 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
34th 21 December 2016 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Compilation of meeting papers
35th 14 February 2017 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Compilation of meeting papers
36th 19 April 2017 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Compilation of meeting papers
37th 12 June 2017 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Compilation of meeting papers, Item 3, Item 6
38th 22 August 2017 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Compilation of meeting papers, Item 3 & 7
39th 25 September 2017 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
Executive Committee Annual Report – [EN] (pdf)
5th Executive Committee, 2015 / 2016 (Chair: NZ, Members: FR, CA, NL, MA)
26th 29 October 2015 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
27th 9 December 2015 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 3c, Item 4, Item 8, Item 10
28th 14 March 2016 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 8, Item 8a, Item 8b&c, Item 9b
29th 4 May 2016 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 3b, Item 4a, Item 4b, Item 5, Item 6b, Item 7b
30th 20 July 2016 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item-3bi, Item 3(b)(ii), Item 3(b)(ii), Item 3(c), Item 4(a)(i), 4(a)(i), Item 4(a)(ii), Item 4(b), Item 5(a)(i), Item 5(a)(ii)(i), Item 5(a)(ii)(i), Item 5(a)(ii)(ii), Item (5)(a)(ii)(iii), Item 5(b)(b), Item 7(a)
31st 21 September 2016 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 3, Item 3, Item 4, Item 4, Item-5b, Item 5c, Item 8, Item 8, Item 9, Item 10, Item 10, Update from the secretariat
32nd 16 October 2016 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
Executive Committee Annual Report – [EN] (pdf)
4th Executive Committee, 2014 / 2015 (Chair: NZ, Members: USA, FR, MU, NL)
19th 16 October 2014 [EN] (pdf)
20th 2 December 2014 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 2b(4), Item 5a, Item 5b, Item 5c
21st 6 March 2015 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 3d,, Item 4, Item 6a, Item 9
22nd 13 May 2015 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 6, Item 9c
23rd 15 July 2015 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 3c, Item 3d.Item 3d.2, Item 4a, Item 4b, Item 6, Item 7b, Item 8b, Item 9.1, Item 9.2,Item 10b
24th 22 September 2015 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf) Item 3a, Item 3c, Item 4c.1, Item 4c.2,
Item 4c.3, Item 8b, Item 10b
25th 25 October 2015 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
Executive Committee Annual Report – [EN] (pdf)
3rd Executive Committee, 2013 / 2014 (Chair: NL, Members: USA, NZ, PL, MU)
12th 26 September 2013
13th 26 November 2013 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
14th 29 January 2014 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
15th 2 April 2014 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
16th 4 June 2014 [EN] (pdf)
17th 28 August 2014 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
18th 12 October 2014
Executive Committee Annual Report – [EN] (pdf)
2nd Executive Committee, 2012 / 2013 (Chair: NL, Members: USA, AU, UY, PL)
7th 26 October 2012 [EN] (pdf)
8th 6 February 2013 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
9th 6 March 2013 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
10th 29 May 2013 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
11th September 2013
Executive Committee Annual Report – [EN] (pdf)
1st Executive Committee, 2011 / 2012 (Chair: NL, Members: USA, AU, MX, UY)
1st 3 November 2011 [EN] (pdf)
2nd 18 January 2012 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
3rd 27 March 2012 [EN] (pdf)
4th 15 May 2012 [EN] (pdf)
5th 6 June 2012 [EN] (pdf) [EN] (pdf)
6th September 2012
Executive Committee Annual Report – [EN] (pdf)

Annual Satisfaction Survey on the Closed Session

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Hosting the Conference

Call for Proposals
The call for proposals to host the 43rd Conference in 2021 is now open.

Guidance for authorities submitting a proposal to host the Conference
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Process for evaluation
Process for evaluating proposals to host Conference

Guidance for authorities submitting a proposal to host an ICDPPC-recognised Enforcement Cooperation meeting

Suggestions for organising a successful ICDPPC-recognised enforcement cooperation meeting

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Presentations by the Chair at international meetings
Global Standards Symposium, Tunisia, October 2016
Data Protection Conference, Ghana, January 2016. Video message available here.
Big Data Seminar, Macau,  December 2015


Presentations by the Secretariat at international meetings
APEC ECSG Data Privacy Subgroup Meeting, Peru, February 2016
OECD Expert workshop, Zurich, May 2017
Working Party on Security & Privacy in the Digital Economy, Paris, May 2017
OECD-ICDPPC Data Protection Metrics Roundtable, Hong Kong, September 2017