Today we live in an ideal moment for proactive, interdisciplinary, and multisectoral collaboration since the accelerated adoption of a wide variety of technological tools, such as artificial intelligence, algorithmic programming, automated decision-making, blockchain or the analysis of large data, makes the ethical management of data imperative, as well as the creation of a robust, dynamic regulatory framework compatible with the best international standards, in favor of the protection and guarantee of human rights.

In this context, in the Forty-third edition of the Global Privacy Assembly, the most important forum for the protection of personal data and privacy worldwide, held in Mexico City from October 18th to 21st, 2021, and given the global context, the INAI, as hosting authority chose as the central theme “Privacy and data protection: A human-centered approach”.

The main objective of the 2021 edition of the Global Privacy Assembly focused on establishing international standards to guarantee the adequate safeguarding of the human right to privacy and data protection; providing new knowledge to guide the future of Data Protection and Privacy policies, achieving cooperation between authorities, and finding coexistence between the development of new information technologies and human rights for the protection of personal data. In addition to seeking the exchange of best practices, we intend to promote, as essential, an agreed action that is necessary for the world’s citizens.

For further details about what happened at this conference, we invite you to read the memory book of the 43rd GPA.