Most Assembly members have a website and many have a social media presence as well.

To obtain more information about our many data protection and privacy authority members and the laws they administer visit the online sites below. These details were drawn from the responses to the Census 2017 and were correct as at March 2017. Please let the Secretariat know of any changes or broken links.

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Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, Albania  
Data Protection Agency, Andorra  
National Direction for Personal Data Protection, Argentina
Personal Data Protection Agency, Armenia  
Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, Australia
Information Commissioner, Northern Territory (Australia)
Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (Australia)  
Data Protection Commission, Austria
Privacy Commission, Belgium
National Commission for Technology and Freedoms, Benin
Personal Data Protection Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Commission for Personal Data Protection, Bulgaria
Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Information and Privacy Commissioner, British Columbia (Canada)
Ombudsman, Manitoba (Canada)
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)  
Information and Privacy Commissioner, Northern Territories (Canada)
Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for Nova Scotia (Canada)
Information and Privacy Commissioner, Nunavut (Canada)
Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (Canada)
Information Access Commission, Quebec (Canada)
Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, Colombia
Telecommunications/ICT Regulatory Authority, Cote d’Ivoire
Data Protection Commissioner, Council of Europe
Personal Data Protection Commissioner, Cyprus
Office for Personal Data Protection, Czech Republic  
D to F
Data Protection Agency, Denmark
Data Protection Inspectorate, Estonia  
European Data Protection Supervisor, European Union
Data Protection Ombudsman, Finland
Data Protection Commission, France
Directorate of Personal Data Protection, FYROM
G to I
National Commission for the Protection of Personal Data (Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données à Caractère Personnel), Gabon
Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, Germany
Privacy Commissioner, Bavaria (Germany)
Data Protection and Freedom of Information Commissioner, Berlin (Germany)  
Data Protection and Access to Information Commissioner, Brandenburg (Germany)
Data Protection Commissioner, Hesse (Germany)
Data Protection Commissioner, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania (Germany)
Data Protection Commissioner, Rhineland Palatinate (Germany)
Data Protection Commissioner, Saxony (Germany)
Privacy Commissioner, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)
Office of the Personal Data Protection Inspector, Georgia
Data Protection Commissioner, Gibraltar  
Data Protection Commission, Ghana  
Hellenic Data Protection Authority, Greece
Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong    
National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information, Hungary
Data Protection Authority, Iceland
Data Protection Commissioner, Ireland  
Data Protection Registrar, Isle of Man   
Data Protection Commission, Italy
J to L
Data Protection Registrar, Jersey
National Agency for Personal Data Protection (AMDP), Kosovo
State Data Inspectorate, Latvia  
Data Protection Authority of the Principality of Liechtenstein
State Data Inspectorate, Lithuania
National Data Protection Commission, Luxembourg
M to O

Institute for Access to Public Information of the Federal District, INFODF, Mexico

Personal Data Protection Authority, Mali
Data Protection Commissioner, Malta
Data Protection Office of Mauritius  
National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Personal Data Protection, Mexico
Transparency, Public Information Access and Personal Data Protection Institute of Estado de México and municipalities, INFOEM, Mexico
National Center for Personal Data Protection, Moldavia   
National Commission for the Control and the Protection of Personal Data, Morocco
Data Protection Commission, Netherlands  
Privacy Commissioner, New Zealand  
Data Inspectorate, Norway
P to R
National Privacy Commission, Philippines
Personal Data Protection Office, Poland
National Data Protection Commission, Portugal  
Personal Information Protection Commission, Republic of Korea
National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Protection, Romania  
S to U
San Marino Data Protection Authority
Commissioner for Information of Public importance and Personal Data Protection, Serbia
Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, Slovakia
Information Commissioner, Slovenia
Data Protection Commissioner, Spain  
Catalan Data Protection Agency, Catalonia (Spain)
Data Inspection Board, Sweden  
Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner, Switzerland
Data Protection Commissioner, Basel Landschaft Canton (Switzerland)
Data Protection Commissioner, Basel Stadt Canton (Switzerland)
Data Protection Commissioner, Zug Canton (Switzerland)
Data Protection Commissioner, Zurich Canton (Switzerland)  
National Personal Data Authority, Tunisia
Personal Data Protection Authority of Turkey,Turkey
Information Commissioner’s Office, United Kingdom
Federal Trade Commission, United States of America  
Regulatory and Control Unit of Personal Data, Uruguay
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