Privacy and data protection authorities undertake valuable collaboration at regional level.

The following information sets out information about regional networks that involve GPA member authorities. Some of these networks involve only member authorities while others include participation of other regulators or government authorities from within the region.

The summaries are based upon publicly available information. Please notify the Secretariat of any errors or of any networks that have been overlooked. The list includes only permanent networks. It does not include networks of authorities within a single country (there are several such networks within federal countries).

Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities (APPA) Forum

Description: The APPA Forum is the principal network for privacy and data protection authorities in the Asia Pacific region. The forum was formed in 1992 and members take turns to host its twice-yearly meetings.

Privacy and data protection authorities based in the Asia Pacific region are eligible for APPA membership through three pathways to membership, being:

  • an accredited member of GPA; or
  • a participant in the APEC Cross-border Privacy Enforcement Arrangement (CPEA); or
  • a member of the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN).

Relationship with GPA: The APPA Forum expressly recognises accreditation to the Conference as a basis for APPA membership. Most APPA members are also GPA members. Most APPA members individually take an active part in the conference and several have hosted annual conferences. APPA’s statement of objectives expressly includes “to maintain constructive relations with complementary networks including the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, the APEC CPEA and the Global Privacy Enforcement Network.”

Website and contact: The APPA Secretariat has maintains the APPA website and can be contacted at:

British, Irish and Islands Data Protection Authorities (BIIDPA)

Description: The British, Irish and Islands Data Protection Authorities (BIIDPA) meets annually in the different member countries.

Relationship with GPA: The BIIDPA members are also accredited GPA members.

Central and Eastern Europe Data Protection Authorities (CEEC)

Description: The CEEC links the national institutions responsible for personal data protection policy in 17 states in Central and Eastern Europe.

Relationship with GPA: CEEC participants need not be accredited GPA members but most are.

Website: The Polish DPA administers the CEEC website.

Conference of European Data Protection Authorities (Spring Conference)

Description: An annual conference of European DPAs, usually held around May, hosted by a different DPA each year.

Relationship with GPA: The Spring Conference participants are mainly accredited GPA members.

Consultative Committee of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (T-PD)

Description: Each state that accedes to the Council of Europe Data Protection Convention nominates a representative to the T-PD. The Committee therefore comprises a mix of government officials and, where nominated, members of national DPAs. The Council of Europe Data Protection Commissioner also participates as do a number of observers.

Relationship with GPA:  The GPA is an observer to the CAHDATA and T-PD. The Council of Europe is an observer to the GPA. The GPA was privileged to hold its 30th Conference in the Council of Europe’s Palais de l’Europe Hemicycle.

Website: The Council of Europe Secretariat maintains website pages devoted to the T-PD and the Council of Europe’s other data protection work.

Nordic Data Protection Authorities’ meeting

Description: The Nordic DPAs meet annually in a different Nordic country. Each authority takes a turn to host.

Relationship with GPA: The Nordic DPAs are also accredited GPA members.