GPA COVID-19 Taskforce and IAPP Web Conference : ‘New Normal’ Data Protection: Security, Privacy and Safety in the Workplace

In this privacy education web conference, the Global Privacy Assembly (GPA) COVID-19 Taskforce and the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) will explore the implications of this “new normal” to companies as they explore implementing new working arrangements, platforms for remote operations and seek to comply with government protocols for resumption of business operations.

GPA Webinar – Enablers and protectors: the role of DPAs confronting COVID-19 – Contact tracing and the recovery response

This is the second webinar in the Taskforce Webinar Series that seeks to address some of the critical issues currently facing the data protection and privacy community, thereby enabling capacity building for the GPA membership community.

The Webinar will adopt a thematic approach to the discussion, addressing two themes: the role of DPAs in ensuring a Privacy by Design approach is taken to developing contact tracing and other digital solutions in addressing the pandemic; and, the role of DPAs as enablers and protectors, to ensure privacy is considered in the practical responses to recovery.

Open COVID-19 Data Meetup

This is a pan-Canadian consultation on the role of data in the response and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will bring together practitioners, researchers, activists, and experts interested in health and data to identify what data is needed and/or already available and can improve our response. Our aim is to identify datasets, data use cases, and data sharing practices to inform our collective action.