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International Conference of Data Protection & Privacy Commissioners

Application to be accredited as an observer of the Conference (Public entity other than an international organisation).

To: The ICDPPC Secretariat

The following entity applies to be accredited as an observer of the Conference pursuant to rule 5.3(a) of the Conference Rules and Procedures.


  • Complete application in English
  • Keep answers brief and to the point.

  • Details of applicant

  • Details of contact person for this application:

    Note: Information supplied under this part will not be posted to the website.
  • Note: Email addresses must be official authority addresses
  • Description of applicant

    Note: An applicant under this category must be a public body involved in dealing with the protection of personal data and/or privacy. An entity that is eligible to become a GPA member must not use this observer application form but may apply to be a member using the membership application form.
  • Duration of requested observer status

    Note: Please indicate one of the following duration for observer status:
  • Additional comments