Declarations and communiques have been released by the hosts of various conferences both before and since the establishment of formal criteria and rules for adoption of resolutions

Declarations and communiques differ from resolutions in that they often have not been debated by Assembly members, nor voted upon, but instead they seek to celebrate and mark the event and reflect the spirit of the presentations and discussions.

41st International Conference – Tirana, Albania, 2019

Communique on the proceedings of the closed session

40th International Conference – Brussels, 2018

39th International Conference –  Hong Kong, 2016

Communique on the proceedings of the closed session

38th International Conference – Marrakesh, Morocco, 2016

Communique on the proceedings of the closed session

37th International Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015

Amsterdam Declaration on Genetic and Health Data, Challenges for Tomorrow and Data protection oversight of security and intelligence: The role of Data Protection Authorities in a changing society      [ES]      [FR]

36th International Conference – Mauritius, 2014

Mauritius Declaration on the Internet of Things          [ES]

35th International Conference – Warsaw, 2013

Warsaw Declaration on Applification of society          [ES]   [FR]   [PL]

34th International Conference – Uruguay, 2012

Uruguay Declaration on profiling

28th International Conference – London, United Kingdom 2006

Communicating Data Protection and Making It More Effective

27th International Conference – Montreux, Switzerland 2005

Montreux Declaration       [FR]      [DE]      [ES]

24th International Conference – Cardiff, United Kingdom 2002

Communique from Closed Session

Summary of Closed Session and other Session Summaries

22nd International Conference – Venice, Italy 2000

Venice Declaration