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Do you have a resolution idea to table at this year’s ICDPPC?

Are you looking to co-sponsor or contribute as an ICDPPC member to this year’s Conference resolutions?

The ICDPPC Executive Committee is aware that many members want to get as much as possible out of their membership of the ICDPPC. Engaging with the development of the Conference Resolutions is a great way to get involved. As we embark on that time of the year when we consider what will be tabled for adoption at the next Conference, further guidance about how you can track developments or indeed take the lead has been produced to assist you in your understanding and engagement with the ICDPPC Resolutions tabling process.

The following guidance on the Resolutions process follows the update of the Conference Rules and Procedures in 2018.

More reasons for this guidance:

  • This guidance aims to provide both you as a member and the Executive Committee, including the Host Authority, with a clearer idea of what to expect at the Conference Closed Session.
  • Your adherence to the resolutions process will help you as an ICDPPC Member with your individual decision-making on what to expect from this year’s Conference, particularly useful around the time when you are considering whether to attend.

The process also facilitates the Executive Committee’s job in bringing you the best plan for the ICDPPC 2019 Closed Session.


(Week commencing)

28 May (Co-)Sponsor(s) communicate to the Conference Secretariat and Host Authority their intention to produce a resolution on specific topic (all types of resolution – topic area only, no need for declaration of co-sponsors, exact title or any content at this stage).
3 June Announcement of the list of those Authorities with intentions to table a resolution and any existing co-sponsors.
24 June (Co-)Sponsor(s) send their draft resolution to the Secretariat by now, where this concerns topics regarding a particularly complex technical or policy issue, or relating to a topic that otherwise may require a longer review and comment period prior to the Closed Session. No co-sponsors are required to be declared at this stage.
1 July Round One comment period opens for member proposals for amendment to resolutions on complex/technical policy matters.
22 July Comment period ends (end of week, 26 July) (Round One) on the resolutions on a complex or technical policy matter.
29 July (Co-)Sponsor(s) of resolutions of a particularly complex or technical nature circulate via Conference Secretariat an updated draft text to all Members and ask for next stage comment (Round Two) and co-sponsors.
19 Aug End of Round Two comment period on the complex/technical resolutions. Co-sponsors of these resolutions need to be identified by now. (Formal conference deadline for members to indicate themselves as co-sponsors is 26 August).

Launch process of circulation of all other (less complex/less technical nature) resolutions, ensuring that proposed resolutions already have four co-sponsors (Rule 4.1, ICDPPC 2018). Co-sponsors send their draft resolution to the Conference Secretariat by now.

14 Oct Final draft resolutions published on the Host Authority website.
21 Oct Conference closed session – discussion of draft resolutions. Amendments made, if any.
22 Oct Conference closed session – adoption of draft resolutions, as amended.

Read the FAQs document on the resolutions process.