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The Conference “Personal Data Protection” is an annual event organized by Roskomnadzor.Over the course of the Conference the current issues of all concerned parties, spanning representatives of the competent authorities and personal data operators to regular personal data subjects, will be discussed.


Exchanging information, professional experience, and opinions regarding issues related to personal data protection.


  • Opening a direct dialogue between a competent authority for personal data protection and personal data operators, leading telecommunication industry players, and online communities.
  • Discussing new ways of effective collaboration between state authorities and the business community to provide progressive growth of the telecommunication industry and information technologies.
  • Developing future-oriented proposals and initiatives regarding control and supervision of personal data protection, as well as mutually acceptable standards of enforcing legislative innovations in personal data protection.
  • Explaining special functions of the competent authority for personal data protection performed currently and in the future.


  • Developers and manufacturers of personal data protection systems
  • Senior executives
  • Information security experts and leaders
  • Representatives of personnel and legal departments of credit and financial companies; telecommunications companies; health care institutions; educational establishments; oil and gas, power, and industrial complex; transportation providers; travel agencies


  • Legal reform in the field of personal data protection at national and supranational levels within the context of globalization of the information society.
  • Regulation of “Big Data” processing: experience, reality and the consequences of the network future. Analytical solutions in the field of the Internet of things.
  • Industry-specific standards and professional ethics codes: issues relating to modernization and practical implementation.
  • Personal data of children: adolescent Internet audience as the new media for commission of offences.
  • Electronic school and electronic medicine: trends in the provision of ICT the application of digital technologies.
  • Development of information technologies in the context of various legal frameworks, and problems relating to adaptation in law enforcement practice.
  • Comprehensive approaches to building personal data protection systems in various fields of daily living activities.
  • Digital sovereignty and information security of the state, society and citizens.
  • Localization of personal databases in the conditions of the trans-borderness of informational processes: comparative analysis of the existing experience.

Expected results:

The exchange of international experience in the protection of the rights of subjects of personal data, setting new business contacts with foreign colleagues, the analysis of law practice, development of suggestions for regulatory scope of protection of the rights of personal data subjects.