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For its second edition, the ICDPPC Global Privacy and Data Protection Awards have gathered a total of 64 projects submitted by ICDPPC members, now publically available online. A look through the many diverse and inspiring entries presented in the four different categories (Education and public awareness, Innovation, Accountability, Dispute resolution and enforcement) shows the vitality and commitment of privacy and data protection authorities throughout the world in fulfilling their tasks and delivering on their missions.

An online vote will be organised in September 2018 so that each ICDPPC member can cast its vote and designate the award winner in each category. In addition, all entries submitted will compete in the ‘People’s Choice’ category, for which all member authorities’ staff will be invited to vote.

The winning entries to be announced at the 40th Annual Meeting in Brussels, on Monday 22nd October 2018. May the best one win!