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Data sits at the center of our digital economy and does not conform to regulatory or geographical boundaries. It is clear further understanding and collaboration by authorities across privacy, consumer protection and competition regulatory spheres is needed to achieve optimal regulatory outcomes. The Digital Citizen and Consumer Working Group (“DCCWG”) is focused on considering the intersections of, and promoting regulatory co‐operation between, the privacy, consumer protection and competition (also referred to as antitrust) regulatory spheres. In doing this, the DCCWG seeks to support “a global regulatory environment with clear and consistently high standards of data protection, as digitalisation continues at pace.” This article explores some of the key learnings of the DCCWG over the past 5 years. Ultimately, the DCCWG view is that collaboration between competition agencies and privacy agencies is becoming an imperative for any jurisdiction that seeks to achieve cohesive digital regulation.

By Melanie Drayton[1] & Brent Homan[2]


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