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In just a few days, we’ll all be together in Brussels. The ICDPPC Secretariat and our host are working full steam to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that we’re all set for what promises to be an exceptional annual meeting!

I guess you are now all ready and looking forward to our yearly reunion. For some of you, I know it even means a very long trip, and for all of us, a lot of energy and preparation! But before jumping into the week, please get some rest and take a moment to think about our upcoming debates, to look back at the past year and to put all this into perspective with our frenzied surrounding world.

A big discussion is expecting us in Brussels, about our organisation and our common project. It’s true, we are going to talk about ourselves maybe a bit more than usual. But it is certainly for a good cause!

I hope we’ll have an open debate with one thing in mind: the future of the Conference as an organisation, which we can for sure make more visible and audible. Make no mistake, this won’t be a self-centred exercise but rather an attempt to open up and strengthen our role at international level. And we’ll even be able to prove all this right with our discussions on ethics and data protection in artificial intelligence.

In the end, while we are all getting ready for our fortieth annual meeting, we are also on our way to have the ICDPPC ready for the years to come and the challenges ahead. This is to me a very exciting perspective which make me look forward to our exchanges and debates. Oh, and of course, you have to get ready for Belgian waffles and chocolate, because they’ll be all around next week!

See you all in Brussels,

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin