The Global Privacy Assembly began routinely adopting and publishing resolutions in 2003 once it had settled firm procedures for submitting and adopting resolutions.

Ad hoc resolutions and declarations were only occasionally adopted prior to that date.

45th Global Privacy Assembly, Hamilton, Bermuda, 2023

Resolution on AI and Employment
Resolution on Health Data and Scientific Research
Resolution on Achieving global DP standards [ES]
Resolution on GPA Library
Resolution on Generative AI Systems 
Resolution on Establishing a Working Group on Intersectional Gender Perspective in Data Protection
Resolution on Privacy and Human Rights Award
GPA Strategic Plan 2023-2025

44th Global Privacy Assembly, Estambul, TÜrkiye, 2022 

Resolution to Amend the Road Map and the Timeline [ES] [FR]
Resolution on International Cooperation Capacity Building for Improving Cybersecurity Regulation and Understanding Cyber Incident Harms [ES] [FR]
Resolution on Principles and Expectations for the Appropriate Use of Personal Information in Facial Recognition Technology [ES] [FR]

43rd Global Privacy Assembly – Mexico City, Mexico, 2021 (virtual event)

Resolution on the Assembly’s Strategic Direction 2021-23 [FR]
Resolution on Data Sharing for the Public Good [FR]
Resolution on Children’s Digital Rights [FR]
Resolution on Government Access to Data, Privacy and the Rule of Law: Principles for Governmental Access to Personal Data held by the Private Sector for National Security and Public Safety Purposes
Resolution on the Future of the Conference and the Secretariat  

42nd Global Privacy Assembly – At your desk, 2020 (virtual event)

Resolution on Facial Recognition Technology  [ES] [FR]
Resolution on the Role of Personal Data Protection in International Development Aid, International Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management [ES] [FR]
Resolution on Accountability in the Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence [ES] [FR]
Resolution on the Privacy and Data Protection Challenges arising from the COVID-19 Pandemic [ES] [FR]
Resolution on Joint Statements on Emerging Issues [ES] [FR]

41st International Conference – Tirana, Albania, 2019

Resolution on the Conference’s strategic direction (2019-21) [FR]
Resolution on the promotion of new and long-term practical instruments and continued legal efforts for effective cooperation in cross-border enforcement [FR]
Resolution on privacy as a fundamental human right and precondition for exercising other fundamental rights [FR]
Resolution to support and facilitate regulatory co-operation between data protection authorities and consumer protection and competition authorities to achieve clear and consistently high standards of data protection in the digital economy [FR]
Resolution to address the role of human error in personal data breaches [FR]
Resolution on social media and violent extremist content online [FR]


40th International Conference – Brussels, 2018
Resolution on e-learning platforms [FR]
Declaration on Ethics and Data Protection in Artificial Intelligence  [FR]
Resolution to amend the ICDPPC rules and procedures   [FR]
Resolution on a roadmap on the Future of the International Conference  [FR]
Resolution on Collaboration between Data Protection Authorities and Consumer Protection  [FR]
Resolution on the Conference Census [FR]

Video ICDPPC 2018 – Message from the Chair – Isabelle FALQUE-PIERROTIN


39th International Conference – Hong Kong, 2017
Resolution on data protection in automated and connected vehicles      [ES]      [FR]
Resolution on collaboration between data protection authorities and consumer protection authorities for better protection of citizens and consumers in the digital economy      [DE]      [ES]      [FR]      [NL]
Resolution on exploring future options for International Enforcement Cooperation (2017)      [ES]      [FR]


38th International Conference – Marrakesh, Morocco, 2016
Resolution for the Adoption of an International Competency Framework on Privacy Education      [ES]      [FR]
International Competency Framework for School Students on Data Protection and Privacy    [FR]
Resolution on Developing New Metrics of Data Protection Regulation      [ES]    [FR]
Resolution on Human Rights Defenders       [ES]     [FR]
Resolution on International Enforcement Cooperation (2016)      [ES]      [FR]


37th International Conference – Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015
Resolution on Conference’s Strategic Direction (2016-18)      [ES]      [FR]
Resolution on Cooperation with UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy      [ES]      [FR]
Resolution on Privacy and International Humanitarian Action      [ES]      [FR]
Resolution on Transparency Reporting      [ES]      [FR]


36th International Conference – Fort Balaclava, Mauritius, 2014
Resolution on Big Data      [ES]      [FR]
Resolution on Enforcement Cooperation (2014)      [ES]      [FR]
Resolution on Privacy in the Digital Age      [ES]      [FR]


35th International Conference – Warsaw, Poland 2013
Digital education resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]
Enforcement coordination resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]
International law resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]
Openness resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]
Profiling resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]
Strategic direction resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]
Web tracking resolution      [ES]      [FR]      [PL]


34th International Conference – Punta del Este / Canelones, Uruguay, 2012
Resolution on Cloud Computing
Resolution on the Future of Privacy


33rd International Conference – Mexico City, Mexico, 2011
Resolution on Data Protection and Major Natural Disasters
Resolution on Privacy Enforcement Coordination at the International Level
Resolution on The Use of Unique Identifiers in the Deployment of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPV6)


32nd International Conference – Jerusalem, Israel 2010
Resolution on Improvement of the Conference’s organisational setup
Resolution calling for the organisation of an intergovernmental conference with a view to developing a binding international instrument on privacy and the protection of personal data      [FR]
Resolution on Privacy by Design


31st International Conference – Madrid, Spain 2009
Resolution on Case Reporting
Resolution on the strengthening of the International Cooperation in the field of data and privacy protection      [FR]
Resolution on Giving Directions to the Steering group to consider seeking observer status representation before Internet Governance Forum, London Action Plan and ICANN
The Madrid Resolution


30th International Conference – Strasbourg, France 2008
Resoltuion on the urgent need for protecting privacy in a borderless world
Resolution concerning the establishment of a Steering Group on Representation at Meetings of International Organisations
Resolution on Children’s Online Privacy
Resolution on Privacy Protection in Social Network Services
Resolution to explore establishing an International Privacy Data Protection Day
Resolutions by the Website Working Group


29th International Conference – Montreal, Canada 2007
Resolution on Development of International Standards         [ES]      [FR]      [DE]
Resolution on International Co-operation      [ES]      [FR]      [DE]
Resolution on Urgent need for global standards for safeguarding passenger data to be used by governments for law enforcement and border security purposes      [ES]      [FR]      [DE]       
Working Group on Conference Organisational Arrangements      [ES]      [FR]      [DE]


28th International Conference – London, United Kingdom 2006
Resolution on Conference Organisational Arrangements
Resolution on Privacy Protection and Search Engines


27th International Conference – Montreux, Switzerland 2005
Resolution of the Creditionals Committee concerning Country Observers        [DE]      [FR]    
Resolution on Use of Biometrics in passports, identity cards and travel documents       [DE]      [ES]      [FR]      
Resolution on Use of Personal Data for Political Communication      [DE]      [ES]      [FR]     


26th International Conference – Wroclaw, Poland 2004
Amendment to 2003 Conference Resolution on Automatic Software Updates      [ES]      [FR]
Resolution on a Draft ISO Privacy Framework Standard      [DE]      [ES]      [FR]     


25th International Conference – Sydney, Australia 2003
Resolution on Automatic software updates      [DE]
Resolution on Data Protection and International Organisations      [DE]      [FR]
Resolution on Improving the communication of Data Protection and Privacy Information Practices      [DE]      [FR]
Resolution on Radio Frequency Identification      [DE]      [FR]
Resolution on Transfer of Passengers’ Data      [DE]      [FR]


23rd International Conference – Paris, France 2001
Resolution on Accreditation Features of Data Protection Authorities      [FR]


22nd International Conference – Venice, Italy 2000
Guidelines and Procedures for Conference Resolutions


12th International Conference – Paris, France 1990
Resolution concerning data protection and the European community
Resolution on problems related to public telecommunication networks and cable television


11th International Conference – Berlin, Germany 1989
Berlin Resolution
Resolution by Working Group on Media
Resolution on ISDN Problems