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Public consultation on the future of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners (ICDPPC)

The Conference seeks to provide leadership in data protection and privacy at the international level. It does this by connecting the efforts of 119 privacy and data protection authorities from across the globe.

The ICDPPC is a unique network which purposes and main objectives at present are: to promote and enhance internationally personal data protection and privacy rights; to improve data protection and privacy by providing a forum that encourages dialogue, cooperation and information sharing; to draft and adopt joint resolutions and declarations on subjects that warrant the common interest or concern of the accredited members, and promote their implementation; to be a meeting point between accredited members and other international fora or organisations that share common objectives; to encourage and facilitate cooperation and the exchange of information among accredited members, in particular regarding enforcement actions; to promote the development of international standards in the field of protection of personal data.

The Conference is headed by its Executive Committee and is also composed of numerous working groups. It meets annually in a closed session of its members and observers; an open session is also organized in which leading privacy experts from industry and civil society participate.

At its latest annual meeting in Hong Kong in September 2017, the ICDPPC initiated a strategic consultation among its members in order to further define its objectives, identity and structure (Project Page). With a view to complement this internal process, the ICDPPC is launching a public consultation open to all individuals or organisations willing to give their views about the future of what has been the premier global forum for data protection authorities for nearly four decades now.

Should you wish to participate in this consultation, please consider the following indicative questions in order to develop your contribution:

  • In your view, what should be the main objective of the ICDPPC as an international network of data protection authorities? What are your main expectations regarding the ICDPPC activities and outcomes in the field of privacy and data protection for the years to come?
  • Which key privacy and data protection challenges should the ICDPPC address as a priority in the future? Do you consider that organisational or structural changes are needed for the Conference to succeed in delivering on such challenges?
  • As an external stakeholder, do you foresee the need for an increased role and visibility of the ICDPPC at the international level? If yes, which tools and activities should the ICDPPC develop for this purpose?

When submitting your contribution, please, indicate the response to the questions below:

  • What interest group do you belong to? (select)
    • Observer of the ICDPPC
    • NGO
    • Business /industry
    • Academic /think tank
    • Public authority
    • Government
    • Other (please specify)
  • Have you participated in the ICDPPC as a delegate or a speaker in the past five years? Yes/No.
    If yes, what was your main objective to achieve at the conference? (please select all that apply).

    • Networking with privacy enforcement authorities
    • Understanding the latest developments in privacy/data protection
    • Networking with other non-privacy enforcement authority delegates
    • Speaking on a specific topic (keynote, panel etc) or exhibiting
    • Other (please specify)


Written contributions can be sent by 31st May 2018 directly via email to the following address: (Subject: ICDPPC Public Consultation)

We kindly ask that contributions not exceed 1,000 words. They can be submitted in English, Spanish or French.